Fifth Avenue bar owner in Royal Oak reacts to possible COVID-19 exposure

A bar owner in Royal Oak says he wasn't told by health officials that his establishment may be a possible exposure site for COVID-19. 

"We got a visit from the Oakland County Health Department and they gave us warning letter," said Tony Yebick, owner of 5th Avenue. That was to investigate some complaints on Monday, we're told. 

"She went through, didn't find any violations, she actually just had us correct some languages on the notices we have on the windows," he said. He says he then found out through media reports Monday night that three people who tested positive for the virus were at his bar on June 19.

While he's surprised and disappointed, he insists he's doing everything by the books. 

"We're following the Executive Order 114 paragraph A. We're following every bullet point they have with our staff, making sure everybody's very protected and safe, questioning them when they come in and going beyond actually, doing a temperature check for everybody that comes in, staff and customers," he said.

Yezbick also says he worked with the City of Royal Oak to get the street blocked off, and contractors are building a new deck with more space for customers that will be open later this week. Capacity inside the bar has been slashed by 50 percent, too.

But some people say that's not enough.
"We can see from our window up there and we can see that everything is packed and that everyone is closely, densely packed together," said Pepper Wood, who works near the bar. 
But Yezbick insists - "Everybody Just has to take it seriously. And we definitely are."

Meanwhile, Oakland County health officials haven't given any other information about the three people who tested positive who visited the bar.