Fire and EMS personnel honored for heroic efforts

The Detroit Fire Department honored the everyday heroes who keep the community safe this week.

They handed out citations to members of the police and fire department who recently went above and beyond to save a life. Among them, the first responders who helped a young mother and a baby boy who were shot while they sat inside the home.

After arriving on scene, no one knew where the shooter was or if they would come back. But, crews still went into the home anyway to begin caring for the victims.

"There was no hesitation on anyone's part to go and do what we did. At the time, we didn't think it was a big deal. We did what we would've done for any family member; it wasn't even a decision for us to be made at that point. We don't care how unstable the scene would've been, we would've still done what we did, and we're glad to have a good outcome," says Detroit Fire Dept. Sgt. Eric Fett.

Officers also drove the baby to the hospital because it was quickest way to get him there.

Both Mom and baby are recovering and are said to be doing well.

Other EMS and firefighters were recognized for helping with a bus crash that had more than 20 victims; for helping save the life of a 62-year-old who had a heart attack; and for helping a 1-year-old who wasn't breathing.