Firearm instructors, 2nd Amendment activists teach children and parents about gun safety

Firearm instructors and Second Amendment activists have teamed up to teach children and their parents about gun safety.

"We can speak to the children about the safety of firearms, what to do, the purpose of having a firearm in your home, the purpose of carrying a firearm, however after so long the responsibility lies on the parents," Maliq Hicks said.

Hicks and Spencer Johnson partnered with the Black Bottom Gun Club to launch the Safe and Secure Project to educate parents and children while teaching children what to do if they come across an unsecured gun.

"We’re watching all this stuff happen on the news with kids getting a hold of unsecured firearms over and over again and accidentally shooting themselves or a loved one and we really wanted to take action," Johnson said.

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Children who participate will also have the opportunity to fire a gun in a secured environment.

"Curiosity is really what gets into these kids, and they find a firearm, especially with all the movies and video games, and they just want to experience it. And we figure if we can take the curiosity away from them, then hey, we can cut down on a lot of these shootings," Hicks said.

The group's May 12 event at Uncoiled Firearms in Livonia sold out within a few hours, so they are planning a second event at the same gun range May 26.