Firefighter injured in suspected arson blaze

A firefighter is hurt on the job on Detroit's southwest side and neighbors suspect arson Thursday.The fire started early this morning at a vacant home, then spread next door. 

Upset but also angry doesn't begin to describe how residents on Rathbone Street feel Thursday.

"I lost everything I got," said Barbara who saw part of her house burn.

The flames spread from the vacant house although fire crews were able to put out the blaze quickly. But bursting glass cut one firefighter in his face. Officials say he is expected to be okay.

"We got a family without a home, another family freaking out that their house is going to catch fire," said Becky Dorie. "Someone got injured and for what?"

Neighbors say they saw the flames spreading next door.

"The lady upstairs says I smell smoke," Barbara said. "I went through opening up every door, I opened up Matthew's door and there it was, it was hitting me in the face."

Neighbors on each side of the street frantically called 911 and tried to find their loved ones.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined as investigators worked but residents described suspicious activity right before the blaze.