Fireworks can trigger PTSD symptoms for veterans

Fireworks can trigger painful memories of war for our military veterans.

The sound and flashes can lead to post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, some of our veterans who live with it experience a very difficult time during the July 4 holiday. While fireworks are fun for most, to them it's a trigger.

"People used to say PTSD is a joke, it isn't," said one veteran. "It's very real. 

"A lot of veterans, you hear bang, bang, boom, boom. You get used to it while you're over there. I could sleep through incoming at times. 

"But you come back here and you're not used to it, it gets quiet for awhile, and it happens again - it will startle you. It will scare you."

When veterans hear the noise from fireworks that reaction could be a number of different things.

They say the biggest thing civilians can do is use consideration. If there is a group of veterans next door or in the neighborhood let them know ahead of time.