First Ypsilanti apartment residents got flood damage, now an eviction

After more than a week, some apartment residents in Ypsilanti are still dealing with the aftermath - and then some.

"It's really nasty, just nasty," said James Dauphine.

Sewer water flooded about 23 units, many receiving Section 8 assistance - at the Huron Heights and Ridge apartment complex in Ypsilanti.

"They put that hose over there trying to drain some (rain back up water), that's ridiculous," he said.

FOX 2: "Through your kitchen?"

"Well that's why I have a backup," Dauphine said.

And what's worse - the landlord sent a letter saying basically you're out of here,  the lease is done.

But some tenants don't think they are valued. The landlord wanted them out by July 2nd.

"I think there's mold between the drywall," said Ms. Patterson White, who added that she sees bugs as well.

The landlord offered to give about a week's rent back and the entire security deposit back if they move.

"That's insufficient," said attorney Troy Tipton, who represents most of the tenants. "The security deposit that they have is not enough to find housing on their own. And really, by law, the security deposit still belongs to the tenant, so all the landlord's doing is giving the tenant back his money."

Tipton sent the landlord a letter saying he had to help the tenets because their units are not livable.

"In the lease, it says the landlord is to provide alternative housing for the tenets," he said.

And he's right, with a caveat. According to Clause 8 of the lease, the landlord must find a "comparable" apartment- if one is available.

"The county has provided housing at a hotel in Ann Arbor," said Ricky Jefferson, Washtenaw County commissioner.

FOX 2: "Who's paying for this?"

"The County."

FOX 2: "Should the county pay for it?"

"No, it should be the apartment."

FOX 2: "Why isn't the apartment paying for it?"

"I don't know," Jefferson said. "We haven't heard from them or their attorneys."

FOX 2 spoke to the property manager, he did not want to go on camera, and would only say that it will take many months to fix the apartments... which is what they are going to do.  

"The units are not uninhabitable," Jefferson said.

FOX 2: "They can fix them?"


FOX 2: "And the landlord should fix them?"


FOX 2: "And you are saying under the lease, the landlord has a duty to fix them up?"