Fishermen rescue distressed deer treading water in Lake Erie

Two men fishing on Lake Erie get an unexpected catch -- what they brought in had four legs.

They were fishing for perch Sunday morning when they came across a buck swimming about three miles off Brest Bay, which is northeast of Monroe, Mich. The buck was clearly in distress.

The fishermen were able to get a rope around the deer's antlers and pull him alongside the boat.

"It was a tousle. It was bucking and kicking the whole way in; the rope kept sliding out of my hands, trying to hold it up. A couple times I didn't know if it was going to make it or not, but, I held it up long enough," says Jason Langton.

They eventually got to shore and took the rope off the deer, and watched him run the shore and down the bank.

Langton calls this a "one-of-a-kind" fishing trip he won't forget anytime soon.