Five health issues men over fifty cannot ignore

There are five health issues that men over fifty can't afford to ignore.

Dr. Joel Kahn says here is what to look out for:

1. Blood tests - "Make sure you are checking for blood sugar and cholesterol and also blood pressure," says Dr. Joel Kahn.

2. Digital rectal exam- "Find out if your prostate is smooth or if you have a nodule which is how you detect early prostate cancer," says Dr. Kahn.

3. Colonoscopy - "At age 50, make sure they are looking up the whole colon to detect colon cancer," says Dr. Kahn.

4. Cat scan heart calcium-"Find out if your arteries are staying healthy throughout life around age 50 to detect early heart disease," says Dr. Kahn.

5. Eat healthy- "Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables to protect your health every day," says Dr. Kahn.

There is a free MIU Men's Health Event this Saturday, October 3 at Ford Field that offers all kinds of screening for men and you can even kick a field goal if you'd like.

You can find more information about this event at the link