Flash mob support rally for Ukraine at Hart Plaza in Detroit on Sunday

A large rally gathered in support of Ukrainian independence Sunday afternoon at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit.

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Spontaneously joining them were numerous truckers honking their horns in solidarity.

"A lot of Ukrainian immigrants are truckers," said Jordan Fylonenko, from the Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan. "We need to get together and show our support to the Ukrainian people and show that we as Americans value freedom and independence."

Hundreds of people could be seen wearing blue and yellow; the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

"It's something where we all have to stand together and say no. No more, and that we're with the people of Ukraine," said Clare Allenson, a rallier. "We're also expecting a baby girl, and she's Ukrainian, and she needs to be born in a world where we respect democracy where she's born and in her family's homeland."

"As long as there's a war going on, we will be holding rallies, and we'll be asking for support."

"The Ukrainians right there, they don't have days or months. They have hours. They're being surrounded right now by Russian troops," Fylonenko said.

A collective here in Detroit displaying solidarity with Ukrainians fighting to defend their nation.

"It's very difficult … all the things we tried to achieve when we came to this country and support Ukraine. Things we dreamed of for years forever; independence, it became a democracy, and now all that is going to be taken away again."

"We need to do whatever we can, whether it's donating, calling your representatives and let them know we need to support the Ukrainian people," Fylonenko said.