Focus: Hope desperate for volunteers during pandemic

Volunteers at Focus:Hope are hard at work. 

Kent Bray started volunteering there two weeks ago and he helps other volunteers sort food and pack boxes for those in need.

"You’re helping out and every little bit counts," he said. 

But there’s a problem that’s slowing this much-needed operation down.

"Most of all we need volunteers," said Amber Kainz, volunteer coordinator. "Right now companies haven’t been sending as many people and we still need support."

The shortage of volunteers comes as the impact of coronavirus has forced many to work from home.

"We have to pack 42,000 boxes every month and deliver that many - and do it again the next month," Kainz said.

As the lack of volunteers becomes more evident - so has the need for food during this pandemic.

"The majority of our recipients are low-income seniors already in the program however right now the numbers of participants have gone up significantly because we’re also making sure that people are getting fed during COVID-19," she said.

As volunteers pack and load boxes and they’re calling on others to help.

If you would like to learn more about how you can be of service to Focus: Hope and the community go HERE.