Focus: HOPE job fairs help those who want to work find career paths

For decades, Focus: HOPE has been a resource for the community, helping those looking for work find not only a job but the training to turn that job into a career.

"There are plenty of valuable jobs you just have to go get them," said Nicholle Larry of Focus: HOPE.

People like Cleve McCree, a graduate of Focus: HOPE  who is almost done with his apprenticeship training.

"Focus: HOPE gave me the foundation to help me build and prepared me for all the school I needed, to become a water technician," McCree said.

On Wednesday, employers set up shop at one of Focus: HOPE’s quarterly job fairs, with over 100 people registered.

"We have American Axel and Manufacturing, they are looking for machine operators, and maintenance technicians," said Larry. "Great Lakes Water Authority has an amazing apprenticeship program for water technicians, we have tech systems that are looking for customer service administrators and also (the) help desk for technical computer support.

"We have a host of employers."

The idea isn’t just to help people get jobs, but to make sure they have the necessary training.

"When I look at everyone here and I just look at all the futures that everyone is going to have, the careers they are going to have, because we don’t just want a job, we want a career," said McCree.

Focus: HOPE also helps prepare job seekers ahead of these fairs. So if you are looking to tighten up your resume, for an interview or for career coaching, their programs can help with that, as well.

"It can be challenging if you don’t know how to network with employers if you don’t have the necessary soft skills to present yourself to an employer," Larry said. "And even having an employer-ready resume."

"Anytime that we can get some folks - especially folks that are local, that want to work, we’re all for it," said Daniel Kennedy of Flex N Gate. "And we have a lot of opportunities."

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Cleve McCree

Cleve McCree