Ford Fireworks dazzle downtown Detroit

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The Ford Fireworks 2019 - call it the official start of summer in the D---even if the weather didn't quite get the memo. But no worries --the show was a go.

And the story this year? the families who count the years at Hart Plaza in decades.

Shawn O'Neil has been going 10 years, Connie Boyce, 36 and Patsy Higgs, 45. For these families, the fireworks are not just about the show itself - which is top notch.

It's about legacy and creating lifelong memories - and keeping these families safe is no small feat. 

Detroit Police Chief James Craig at roll call Monday afternoon said that a large cadre of cops, deputies and federal agents were to blanket downtown.

There were no reports of incidents and the show went on, despite some early rain drops. Watch the video to learn more.