Ford's Bronco Mountain offers unique ride at Detroit Auto Show

There will be no shortage of experiences at the Detroit Auto Show - that's the entire point of the first show in more than three years: putting the attendees in the driver's seat.

Ford, like Jeep, took that idea literally with the Ford Bronco Mountain. You can experience the power of Ford by hopping into a Bronco and ride the Built Wild Drive Track, which includes the ride up Ford Mountain.

Or you can check out the F-150 Lightning and experience near-instant acceleration. Ford is also showing off the latest F-150 Raptor and Bronco Raptor models at the Dinosaur and Off-Road Vehicle Encounter, a walk-thru experience featuring animated life-size dinosaurs.

At the Ford location, the company is hosting 30-minute sessions that include product demonstrations and Q&As with product specialists and Ford engineers.

They'll cover everything from home charging solutions to charging on the road plus back-up power for F-150 lightning.

As for the ride itself, what's that like? Well, hop into our drone video here and come along for the ride.