#FOREVERDUNCAN: Alfred and Sherrell's local love story takes internet by storm

The local couple at the center of #ForeverDuncan has taken the internet by storm. They pulled off a proposal and wedding, all within five hours.

Alfred and Sherrell Duncan joined FOX 5 in studio on Wednesday morning to talk about their love story. As well as the tremendous response they’ve received since documenting and posting their special day to social media.

The internet has praised the couple for restoring their faith in humanity, love and finding the 'one.'

“My intentions was nothing but pleasing this woman, and amazing my wife. That was the only intention that I had. Now that I have her as my wife everything else is extra. It's a blessing though, it's God. It's beyond. There's a lot of people that say we're giving them hope-- we'll take that. But it really wasn't our doing,” said Alfred.

Prior to their "I do's," the couple had been together for two years. They knew they'd be partners for life. So they started prepping for marriage, beginning of 2016, by enrolling in pre-martial classes and abstaining from sex until marriage.

Sherrell knew that Alfred would be proposing soon. The the day was coming, she was just unsure of when. Little did she know, Alfred had decided on doing something different to shock his fiancé. For three months he worked out a master plan leading up to the big day. He even had Sherrell’s friends and family in on it. The best part of all, Sherrell had no clue on what was going down.  

A surprise wedding isn't for everyone. Alfred heard from many people that he raised the bar for man. 

Alfred said to FOX 5, "I would tell you to study your woman. Study your wife. Study your girlfriend. Learn from them. You know, be committed to them. Do everything that you can possibly do to please that woman and she will in return, like she will restore you."

Now, we know the Duncan's love surprises, so with the help of Pro Cakes and The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner we surprised them, one more time in the Loft.

Pro Cakes presented a beautiful wedding cake-- which was absolutely delicious! To top it off, they were personally invited to stay in the newly renovated presidential suite at The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner with a complimentary spa day.