Former neighbor of Gregory Green: 'There was so much rage'

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Gregory Green was charged with four counts of first degree murder accused of slaughtering his children and step-children and torturing his wife.

And we know he's killed before, serving 15 years for killing his first wife and their unborn child. Now we are learning more about the young lives cut short and Green's first victims.

Appearing in shackles around the hands and ankles, Gregory Green kept his head down for most of the arraignment. He is accused of 10 felonies, stemming from the death of four children and the attempted murder of his wife, Faith Green. 

We are learning more about Green's past, including a 1992 murder conviction from his former neighbor who was there.

"I have never heard anyone argue like this, there was so much rage," said Jeremy James, who lived next door to the Greens in the 1990s. He's now out of state.

James was there the day Green murdered his first wife and unborn child.

"(It is) really hard to believe that you could slip through the criminal justice system and make it back into society when you intentionally grabbed a knife from your kitchen and you stabbed your wife to death who was pregnant with your child."

The youngest two girls were his own.  The oldest - 19-year-old Chadney Allen and his sister, 15-year-old Kara, were fathered by Chadney Allen, Sr.

"When we get together we have a great time," he said, adding his son had journalism aspirations. Professional, he wanted to be a camera guy, a producer. He was on his way.  I was just trying to help him be prosperous, do all I could to be with him. He was a great guy."

As for Kara - “Honor roll student. Cheerleader, beautiful, on the paper," said Andrea Manion, her aunt.

Both were taken away. Their mother Faith nearly killed, her throat slashed and allegedly made to watch her children die.

"Her children were her everything," said co-worker Kary Waelchi said. "That's part of the interview process and it's always been her kids."

She worked as a caretaker. Her business is now making sure she is well taken care of through a GoFundMe account.

It saddened so many including the police officers investigating the case to see the cycle repeat.

"The thought that you could do something to your own children has no correlation to any reason in my mind," said Capt. Mike Petri, Dearborn Heights police.

We also learned Green was served with divorce papers by Faith just days before the murders took place.

When it came to the matter of bond, the judge asked Green if he had anything to say to which he replied "I don't deserve a bond."

He will be back in court on October 5th.

If you would like to donate to the family for funeral costs CLICK HERE for the GoFundMe.