Former patient says psychologist sexually assaulted her

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Margarita Fiordilino, left, Mark Jones.

Sexual misconduct charges have been filed against a local psychologist accused of taking advantage of a vulnerable patient.

Now the alleged victim is sharing her story about Mark Jones.

FOX 2: "When you see the mug shot of Mark how does that make you feel?"

"Dirty. Betrayed," said Margarita Fiordilino.

Fiordilino says Jones, 51, took advantage of her and betrayed her trust as her psychologist.

"I don't know," she said. "Why me?"

Fiordilino says she was raped when she was 9 years old and since then, has been in and out of therapy and began seeing Jones at his Port Huron office in late 2014.

"When I'd go to therapy it was only an hour," Fiordilino said. "But I felt good."

After a long investigation, Jones, who was arraigned Sunday, is charged with fourth degree criminal sexual conduct by a mental health professional. It is a two-year misdemeanor.

Fiordilino says she became friends with Jones and often his wife would sit in on their sessions becoming close with her as well.

"I trusted both of them," she said. "I loved both of them."

Fiordilino says Jones began planning so-called field trips for his clients meeting him outside of his office. She says he often told her he loved her and that she could call him any time she needed.

Fiordilino says Jones told her about his past use of narcotics and that his wife was ill and dying and she felt sorry for him.

"That's the first time he kissed me with his mouth closed," she said.

She says in April of 2016, Jones offered to help her change her locks at her house but she says, instead, he showed up with marijuana, appearing high himself.

She says Jones asked her to smoke with him Fiordilino says, as she was finishing laundry she went into her bedroom.

"And he followed me in there and we sat on the bed and I was stoned off of two hits," she said.

FOX 2: "What did he do?"

"He took my bottom clothes off and started to touch me with his hands," Fiordilino said. "And he asked me if it felt good and I told him no, that it was rough."

Fiordilino says that's when Jones raped her.

"I couldn't move my bottom extremities," she said. "I couldn't move. There was something wrong. He kept telling me that it was a gift from God and Jesus wanted this for us."

Jones allegedly showed up the next day at her home uninvited and Fiordilino says she told Jones she didn't want to see him again, asking him to discharge her from therapy.

"He kept telling me you only hit it twice, you're a lightweight," she said. "And he kept saying you can't tell anybody, I'll lose my license."

While Jones has denied the allegations, Fiordilino's attorney says DNA evidence and text messages will prove it, adding that consent is not an issue and worries there are more victims out there.

"Just tell," she said. "Just come forward and tell. Because nobody is going to heal hanging onto it."