Former Wayne State football players appear on the F Word on FOX for $100K

Four former football players at Wayne State University will appear Wednesday on the F Word on FOX 2 with hopes of winning $100,000.

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is never afraid to throw around the F word. Of course, on FOX, it's bleeped, but you still know what he means. His new show on FOX, however, isn't referring to that F word: the F Word pits families against each other in his restaurant of the same name, the F Word.

The F Word airs Wednesday night's on Fox 2, and this week, four men from Metro Detroit are competing on the show. They're bringing another F word to the table - football. The four-man team were lineman at Wayne State from 98 to 2002. 

Andy Dombrowski was the captain. He stands 6' 5" and tipped the line at 300+ pounds. But he wasn't alone. Andy's dad, Bob, explained his time on the team."He got hurt every year, four times in the hospital, he broke something every year."

Hopefully his cooking holds up. Bob said it does.

They're making chicken Parmesan and they've got tough competition. The football players, dubbed by themselves as the Meat Heads, are going up against a yachting family, Andy's mom Linda said.

"Yes they are going up against the Winensteins, they're a yachting family. Completely opposite of what the Meat Heads are going to be."

If the Meat Heads win Wednesday night, they'll advance further to compete against 10 teams for a chance at winning $100,000 in August.

Linda believes in her son and the team.

"I think you're going to be great. Andy's a great cook and their personalities - all of them are really really funny, they're really good," she said.

"The F Word" is on Wednesday night at 9 o'clock on FOX 2.