Fox 2 tracks down dumping suspect caught on camera

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A security guard at the Packard Plant recorded this man dumping trash Tuesday night. 

Someone else's trash - is a chance for the Junk Marshals to give back.

"I felt like this is our duty call," said Norman Saleh of the Junk Marshal trash pickup service.

A cleaning crew with Junk Marshals in Dearborn came out Friday to pick up trash outside the Packard Plant. On Tuesday night, a security guard caught a man tossing out papers and medical supplies.

"He just didn't care. Pretty much, he just didn't care about what he was doing, like I wasn't going to turn it in," said Rob Robinson of Sterling Security.

Robinson recorded the dumper with his cell phone and immediately reported him to Detroit police. Robinson was originally turned away from police, but now police have vowed to track the trash dumper down.

"Shame on you for doing this to our city," said Saleh.

While the man in the video didn't seem to think he'd get caught - or seem to even care - he made it pretty easy to find him. He dumped garbage with his personal information on it.

Fox 2 confronted the man at work in Inkster. He immediately got into his car and sped away. That car is registered to a pharmacy.  Coworkers there say he's since been fired.

"Come to Detroit and expect to just dump and treat the city any type of way, you never know who's watching you," says Robinson.

Roger Canzano, the attorney for the suspect tells Fox 2 Friday that his client feels bad for what he's done, and will be turning himself in to police.

"He shouldn't have done it at first. Just like any other person that gets caught, you don't feel bad until you get caught," said Robinson.

Now the Junk Marshals are cleaning up the mess - looking at the brighter, cleaner side of the street.

"Something good came out of it," said Robinson. "Better relations with some of the police officers, and we got some citizens from Dearborn coming out to help clean up."

"It's a lesson learned and hopefully everybody that sees this knows," said Saleh. "Don't mess with Detroit."

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