FOX 2 video of downtown assault gets case reopened

A Detroit man might finally get justice three years after a brutal assault at a popular restaurant.

The victim says after all this time there was no movement on his case, until he called FOX 2.

Jason Hachigan thought the men who attacked him would never pay for what they did.  He was walking from a Tigers game to a sports bar back in September of 2012 and had no clue a couple of guys were tailing him.

He still finds it a bit hard to talk about what happened next

"They had pinned my head up against the curb right here and were smashing my head into the curb and kicking me in the face," Hachigan said.

He remembers like it was yesterday, getting attacked outside of Rub Pub in downtown Detroit three years ago and robbed of his jewelry, cellphone and wallet.

The crime was caught on camera.

"I was in the hospital for five days," he said. "Two of those days I spent in the intensive care unit with internal bleeding."

Now three years later he may finally get justice

"Finally on Sept. 15 the warrants were signed," he said.

Hachigan knew who his attackers were, but the case languished when the initial investigator went to another unit.

Police say there was a lack of communication between him and investigators, claiming he showed disinterest in pursuing the case.

Hachigan said police dropped the ball and among other things, never sent the case to the prosecutor's office.

"That left me pretty much putting this all together in order to get this to the prosecutor's office for them to prosecute the case," he said. "And they told me they didn't have the video or anything."

But FOX 2 did - using it when we ran his story in 2012.

FOX 2 helped out by getting the security video to Jason after the investigation was relaunched. Hachigan got it to prosecutors who signed off on a warrant and now police are on the lookout for the men who jumped and robbed him.

"I've been a resident in this community for six years and worked from local events and corporate events and worked hard to bring out people from the suburbs here and rebuild Detroit," he said. "And this is the kind of stuff that sets our city back.

"And until people stand up and take a stand against this kind of violence it's not going to end."

Now again there are arrest warrants out for the two men you saw in that video and now it's a matter of time before police take them into custody for what happened three years ago.