Fraser man sentenced in drowning disabled 6-year-old boy; prosecutor appeals light penalty

Hunter Locke-Hughes, inset - victim Terrance Adams.

A 22-year-old Fraser man was sentenced in the drowning death of a 6-year-old special needs boy he was babysitting - but Macomb County's prosecutor is arguing that it isn't long enough.

Hunter Locke-Hughes was sentenced to 90 months (seven years and six months) to 30 years on the first-degree child abuse conviction, which was 45 months below the sentencing guidelines by Judge Kathryn Viviano, and sparked the appeal by Prosecutor Pete Lucido.

"When a sentencing fails to reflect the gravity of the offense, we must appeal it on behalf of the victim, victim’s family, and the community," he said in a statement.

The victim, Terrance Adams, was partially blind, and had a heart defect, according to his father who spoke to FOX 2 in April, 2022.

Terrance Adams and his father, Gary.

Terrance Adams and his father, Gary.

On the involuntary manslaughter conviction, Viviano sentenced him to the low end of the sentencing guidelines at 43 months - 15 years. The sentences will run concurrent.

Locke-Hughes was Terrance's mother's boyfriend, and was bathing him at the time, when he held him underwater inside her Clinton Township condominium.

Locke-Hughes was convicted after a nine-day jury trial.