Fraser votes to raise taxes to climb out of $100M deficit

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Fraser is forced to cut budgets and raise property taxes faced with a $100 million deficit.

But tonight the they said yes to getting to 9 mill tax because otherwise leaders said they were headed for a "perfect storm." 

The sinkhole in Fraser made the news but the city is in a financial hole of almost $100 million. Fraser's mayor says it is a gargantuan issue.

"We've looked at every angle ... every council person has lost sleep on this one," said Mayor Mike Carnagie.

The $9 million property tax passed Thursday, helping the city to climb out.

"People are watching you," said Sue Kloosterboer to the council. A resident with a serious illness, the outsourcing of the city's dispatch to save $400,000 worries her. "I thank you for everything you are trying to do. But please, please be careful."

Emergency responders are taking much of the hit from the slashing knife. Employees in the city's departments will be reduced, but still that's not enough.

Ken Immler owns commercial property in Fraser - he isn't having any of it.

"They say it is one of the toughest decisions they've made, and instead it is actually one of the easiest," he said. "It is cowardly to do that."

And he wasn't alone.

"You want to right the ship, but it will never be righted," one resident said before walking out.

But many are choosing to stick by the city they love.

"I believe there is a future here," said Suzanne Kalka, city councilmember. "Otherwise I would put my house for sale because I can go. That would be the easy way out but we are not doing that."

The city is also closing its doors on Fridays to save money, the library is another place they're looking to make additional cuts.