Freighter carrying 21,000 tons of wheat runs aground on Detroit River

A freighter ran aground Monday morning on the Detroit River.

Barbro G, which is carrying 21,000 tons of wheat, was traveling from Canada to Italy. The Coast Guard said the freighter was anchored in the river west of Belle Isle when it was reported aground at 7:37 a.m.

As of Monday night, damage surveyors returned to the Detroit shore as teams continue to work on a plan to free the ship.

"It’s kind of shallow up there on that area of the river and the ship was in the anchorage and somehow it’s not in the anchorage anymore," said Sam Buchanan, who runs the JW Westcott mail boat service between Detroit and Canada.

Buchanan said tugboats are working to free the ship, a process that could take several days. 

"It all depends if the wind is cooperating with you and the water level rises, then it will be a little bit easier," he said. "The weather plays a big factor in whether you’re going to have an easy time getting something free or not."

There are no pollution concerns, damage, or injuries, the Coast Guard said.

On Tuesday morning, around 8 a.m., crews will make another attempt to free the ship.

An official cause has not been released.