"From seed to sell," cannabis complex opening in Center Line

Much like Henry Ford did with the car, Mark Savaya is trying to do with cannabis. 

Whereas the automotive tycoon built a manufacturing facility capable of constructing a vehicle from raw material origins to rolling off the assembly line, Savaya of Future Grow Solutions wants to build a system that encompasses the entire marijuana grow cycle. Or as he puts it:

"One-stop shop from seed to sell."

"It's nice when you make it from seed and you sell it, it's a process that we go through instead of buying it from a different cultivation center. We make our own, we want to make sure it's a clean product, make sure that everything we do it under our monitoring," Savaya said.

Despite the struggling fiscal and health pressures placed on Michigan due to the pandemic, it's still a good time to be in the marijuana business. The cannabis industry has managed to stay afloat and even turnout huge profits during the COVID-19 crisis.

Savaya is trying to seize that demand by opening eight pot shops around Metro Detroit. The retail outlets, known as Leaf & Bud represent the final link in Future Grow Solution's cannabis supply chain.

Work is underway for a cannabis complex to open in Center Line, on Sherwood near Mound and Ten Mile. It'll encase everything from marijuana growing, production, and provisioning in the facility.

It's bringing some much-needed business to a struggling city, City Manager Dennis Champine said.

"Our political leadership saw a real opportunity for economic growth in an area that needed some help," said Champine.

"The City helped us, worked with us, and we're really excited. We want to operate," said Savaya.

The operation is expected to open in 2021 during the spring, while the first Leaf & Bud location will open in the next few weeks in Detroit.