Frozen blobs fall from sky, Detroit residents suspect airplane waste

Some residents on Detroit's west side say something came down on their homes from an aircraft.

FOX 2: "What do you think it is?"

"I have no idea what it is. I couldn't even tell you what it is," said Michelle Alyasseri.

Michelle Alyasseri says around 6 p.m. Tuesday a sizeable, frozen chunk of who knows what fell onto her house, her car and nearly some neighborhood kids on the 8000 block of Artesian on Detroit's westside.

And it happened just as a commercial aircraft flew by.

"It was just like a boom and everybody looked straight at the roof and you could see like water from where it had hit," said Artie Tomlin.

FOX 2: "And you're certain it came from a plane?"

"It had to have come from a plane," Alyasseri said. "I think it's something maybe they used the bathroom and it was frozen then it came out. I have no idea."

You could call it plane poop, but in the aviation world it's called blue ice: a mixture of waste and disinfectant that freezes at high altitudes once it leaks from an aircraft's plumbing system.

"The coloration of it. how do you know what that is? It doesn’t look good. I know that," Jonita Tomlin. 

It does look like suspected waste that fell from a plane as it cruised over an Indian Village last year. Before that there was the sweet 16 party turned crappy situation in Pennsylvania back in 2015.

FOX 2 reached out to the FAA to get their take on what happened. 

"Oftentimes when we get these calls, it's something from the ground," said Elizabeth Isham Cory, FAA. "There may be some business or something nearby that tossed up something or flew off a truck or something like that."

But residents disagree.

The FAA says the only way to find out for sure what those frozen chunks of matter are is to test them. Something Michelle is looking to have done.