Funeral homes adjusting to follow guidelines for Covid-19 viewings

The Covid-19 pandemic has made saying goodbye to loved ones different than ever before for families and funeral directors.

If someone has died of Covid-19, they're not having viewings and doing the burial and cremation as soon as possible.

Lynch and Sons Funeral Directors is making viewings smaller, 10 people or less. But Paddy Lynch tells us many families have already taken it upon themselves to limit viewings to even less than that.

“Funeral directors and funeral homes that are still embalming those who have died of Covid-19 and potentially keeping them in their facilities for up to a week or two, to us, that’s irresponsible,” Lynch says. “People have been incredibly understanding.”

Kemp Funeral Home and Cremation Services is taking extra precaution, using masks and face covers when they do house calls.

"Because of the droplet nuclei issue and immense communicability of the virus," Stephen Kemp says.

The battle against Covid-19 presents all kinds of challenges.

"One of the biggest issues here is that we may have a household where both people in the household have it. One may have passed away, the other one may be on a ventilator incapacitated and that makes sometimes the decision making a little difficult,” Kemp says.

Funeral directors have had to find ways to be creative while still following state guidelines and recommendations from the CDC. Some are also doing extra cleaning and sanitizing to make families feel safe.

Kemp said it best: his policy is to serve his families.