Millions of anchor kits to prevent furniture from tipping over have been recalled

The recalled New Age tip restraint kit with plastic zip-tie, 2 brackets, and 2 screws. (Credit: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Millions of anchor kits to prevent furniture from tipping over have been recalled because the plastic zip tie can break, U.S. consumer safety officials said. 

The recall, which involves "millions" of New Age Industries ("New Age") Furniture tip kits or tip restraints, was announced this week in a notice by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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The plastic zip tie used with the recalled furniture tip kits "can become brittle or break," which can potentially lead to furniture like a dresser or other clothing storage unit that’s anchored to the wall being detached, the CPSC said. 

Furniture tipping over could lead to death or serious injuries for children, the agency warned.


FILE - Interior bedroom in a home. (Photo by: Jim Lane/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The recalled New Age furniture tip restraint kits were sold and distributed by at least 32 different furniture companies, including American Woodcrafters, Ashley Furniture, and Van Thiel & Co., with clothing storage units, according to the notice. The products were sold beginning in November 2019 through the present.

Click here for a full list of furniture companies that sold the recalled kits with clothing storage units.

The kits included a plastic zip-tie, two brackets, and two screws and were sold with clothing storage units manufactured in Vietnam. The date of manufacture should be listed on a sticker or stamped on the clothing storage unit as November 2019 or later. 


Packaging containing the recalled New Age tip restraint kits, stating "Manufactured by New Age Industries" at the bottom.

The packaging of the recalled tip kits is white with black lettering and includes directions on how to anchor furniture, the CPSC said. The bottom of the packaging on the recalled kits states "Manufactured by New Age Industries."

Furniture companies have received two reports of New Age tip kits breaking. However, no injuries have been reported, the CPSC said.

"Consumers should immediately check if their clothing storage unit has a date of manufacture sticker or stamp of November 2019 or later. If so, and if the tip kit is made of plastic, consumers should contact Alliance4Safety for a free replacement tip kit," the notice stated.

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This story was reported from Cincinnati.