Gas prices in Michigan fall below $4

Gas prices tumbled below a key benchmark in Michigan this week as the current average across the state dipped below $4.

A gallon of gas was last near that price point briefly in April, and before that in late February. It was part of several months of gas prices rising following global tumult including Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

According to Gasbuddy, which tracks gas prices around the U.S., the average cost in Detroit maxed out at $5.29 a gallon in mid-June. It's fallen fast over the last two months and now sits near the U.S. average for gas costs around $3.90. The Michigan average is a bit higher at $3.98.

Yesterday, the average cost was $4. It was 14 cents higher a week ago and almost a dollar more expensive a month ago.

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The price of gas is expected to continue falling, although according to Patrick De Haan at GasBuddy, supply is beginning to tighten as demand rises. The analyst says the current bottom for gas prices this cycle is $3.69 - but that could change.