General Motors unveils Infantry Squad Vehicle for troops

General Motors unveiled its first Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) that will soon help transport troops throughout the battlefield.

GM celebrated the milestone on Tuesday that will help keep soldiers safe. The ISV is the first one delivered by GM to the United States Army.

"It’s an astonishing accomplishment by the team and I want to say congratulations and well-done thank you," said GM VP Tim Herrick.

The company used the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and transformed it into the ISV.

"ISVs provide great mobility to the infantry brigade combat team and was designed to move across restrictive terrain allowing soldiers to close on an objective with less fatigue and greater readiness," said U.S. Army Project Manager Mike Sprang.

The vehicle includes 35-inch tires, custom rollover protection, and improved off-road mobility. GM says the unveiling at the Milford Proving Grounds showed how their team of technicians and engineers came together during the COVID-19 pandemic to build four ISVs in just four months.

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"It’s not just the 120 days is how the team did the 120 days and what conditions this is on Paramount mounted with what happened in the world globally as internally to all our relationships with homeschooling and taking care of parents and other family members," said U.S. Army Project Lead Steve Herrick.

GM plans to build near 650 of these vehicles by the end of June 2024. They say nothing will keep them from doing their part to keep soldiers safe.

"This platform will be a game-changer for the infantry brigade combat teams and I am very excited," said Sprang.

The Army says the next step is to test the ISVs as GM builds more.