Gibraltar man killed by police Taser had reality TV run-in

Gibraltar police say they gave David Kapuscinski an order and he would not comply.

Officers say he was attacking his girlfriend in front of them but she says that is not the whole story. 

She says a video of Kapuscinski having an outburst at American Jewelry and Loan on "Hardcore Pawn" was not all that it seems.

The head thumping, bicep flexing man seen in a YouTube video of Tru TV's Hardcore Pawn is the same man who died after being tasered by Gibraltar police

"The male subject failed to comply with verbal orders," said Police Chief Larry Williams. "He was tasered." 

Williams says officers arrived at the Gibraltar Shore Apartments in response to a 911 call only to find David Kapuscinski assaulting his girlfriend. 

The incident happened at about 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

FOX 2 spoke with the woman police say Kapuscinski was attacking.

FOX 2: "So they tasered David twice?"

She refused to open the door when we showed up at her apartment and did not want her face shown on camera or her name used in this story.

She says the trouble started when she woke Kapuscinski up from a nightmare.

FOX 2: "You just woke him up from a bad dream and had somewhat of a nervous breakdown am I correct?"

FOX 2: "So he had a nervous breakdown but he did not assault you?"

She says Kapuscinski was a loving boyfriend, her children adored him, and he made it possible for her to go back to college.

The couple had been together six months and he was a model boyfriend and her children "loved the guy" and that there were no past incidents of domestic violence.

As for this video of him failing to intimidate Seth Gold on Hardcore Pawn, she says it was a set up, a joke and not real at all.

Mobile readers click here to watch the Hardcore Pawn segment he was featured on CLICK HERE.

Michigan State Police are investigating what happened and their findings will be turned over the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.