GM replaces Mexico made Blazer with Lansing built Traverse

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General Motors is catching a lot of heat ever since they hoisted the Chevy Blazer up at Comerica Park Tuesday. 

Because the Blazer is made in Mexico critics thought it would be better to display a car that was made in America. 

For the last decade Chevrolet has held two parking spots at Comerica Park.

“Every year for as long as I can remember Chevrolet placed two of its most important launched vehicles on top of the fountain at Comerica,” Jim Cain said spokesperson for General Motors. 

This season, the automaker chose to display a Blazer on the top of the fountain, but it didn’t get the reaction they hoped for creating controversy over the fact the SUV is made in Mexico.

General Motors says after a few days of push back they decided to switch it with the Chevy Traverse assembled at the Lansing Delta Township plant.

“We just didn’t want to have any kind of distractions it’s not fair to the baseball fans people coming to the ballpark to enjoy a good time with their families,” Cain said.

But, the Comerica Controversy wasn’t completely warranted says GM.

“A lot of the parts for the Blazer come from the US in fact more than half a billion dollars every year get pumped into the US manufacturing economy because of the Blazer.”

Baseball fans see the Saturday afternoon swap as the right call.

“I think they absolutely they should have switched it out especially in the heart of the automobile industry it should be an American made car,” Stefanie Goldenberg said. 

Complementing the Traverse is the red Chevy Silverado made in Fort Wayne Indiana.
For Stefanie Goldenberg this is about the symbolism of American made. 

“I think to support our troops and to support our country that is what we need to do,” she said. 

The car swap happened just in time for opening day which begins Thursday April 4th with a 1:10 p.m. start time.