Going strong since 1967: Chevy Camaros shine at Ypsilanti Superfest

The iconic Chevy Camaro was the star of the show at Riverside Park in Ypsilanti this weekend.

Hundreds were on display for the 25th annual Camaro Superfest.

"We've just had a fantastic time," said Barry Hensel of the Camaro Superfest. "The weather's been great and the crowd's have been great."

The Camaro made its debut in 1967.

"This brings you back to the old days when cars were just cars and they were modes of transportation," said Camaro owner Paul Denski. "You get in it and it has rattles in it and it shakes you. You have to pay attention."

Camaro enthusiasts from all over the country travel to Ypsilanti every summer to show off their car and check out other Camaros.