Good Samaritans rescue 4 kids, 2 adults from house fire in Detroit

Six people were injured following a house fire in Detroit on Sunday.

The fire happened at a home in the block of Winston, near Telegraph and 8 Mile.

"At first, I don’t believe I see a house on fire. So that’s when I run over here; there’s a little girl about 6-years-old, and she innocently said that her house was on fire," said Romero Kamnang, the Good Samaritan.

That is when Romero jumped into action.

"There are two guys sitting like this watching TV; it almost felt like I was in a horror movie where nobody cares about dying, they’re relaxing, and there’s smoke everywhere. I said you guys gotta get out of here," Romero said. 

More neighbors saw the fire and also rushed to help. 

"There are some Good Samaritans, parked their cars over here and rushed over there too, about three or four of them," said Jerry Janiga, a neighbor.

All together, fire investigators say Romero and the other Good Samaritans rescued two adults and four children — the youngest just 6-months-old.

They were transported to the hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation and have since been released. The fire remains under investigation. 

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