GOP U.S. Senate candidates Pensler, James talk God and spouses

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Sandy Pensler, left, John James.

Two Republican hopefuls recently went toe to toe on a TV conversation of Off the Record with Tim Skubick.

The influence of God and spouses in the GOP U.S. Senate race was on the table during last week's first and only TV debate between John James and Sandy Pensler. 

"I believe that my God wants me to run," James said.

But when asked if God want him in the U.S. Senate, Sandy said he doesn't know. James believes God wants him in a position to protect and preserve life. As for the outcome of the race:

"The result is up to him. The race is up to us," he said.

As for what Pensler’s faith does for him:

"My faith makes me believe that I should do the best that I can all the time. And part of doing the best that you can, is when you think you can make a difference you don't stay on the sidelines," he said.

But Pensler’s wife wanted to stay on the sidelines.

"She said I'm a private person and why would you do this? Things are so great right now," he said.

Pensler reports she eventually said yes but was a reluctant yes. It turns out James was initially in the same boat with his spouse.

"I believe that we may have similar situations," James said. "She said honey, I love you and I trust you and I will go where the Lord leads us."

After the broadcast James joked I am going to go home and see if I still have a wife. The two shook hands, headed for the Aug. 7 primary.