Grand Haven State Park adds 'water access closed' flags to Lake Michigan beach after near-drownings

(Photo: Grand Haven State Park)

After several near-drownings at the Grand Haven State Park and drownings at other Lake Michigan beaches, the flag warning system has been updated.

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Previously, the beach would display three flags – green meant low hazard, medium meant moderate hazard, and red meant high hazard with high surf or strong currents. If the flag was red, swimmers were advised not to get into the water, but could still decide to.

Now, those three flags are still used with a new swim warning. A double red flag means beach access is closed. 

Other state parks along Lake Michigan are also expected to implement the new flag system. 

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South Haven Area Emergency Services search Lake Michigan for a 33-year-old man who is believed to have drowned near South Haven. Photo via South Haven Area Emergency Services