Grandson accused of stabbing 3, killing 2 family members in Sterling Heights

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Marcus Kragness is accused of stabbing his grandfather and uncle to death and critically injuring his grandmother. 

Police have arrested a 20-year-old man they say stabbed two men to death in Sterling Heights Monday morning.

A third victim, an elderly woman, was critically injured and investigators say her grandson, 20-year-old Marcus Kragness is the killer.

Neighbors are devastated that 79-year-old Jerry Pastuszak and his 44-year-old son Mark were killed in the attack, while Jerry's wife, Sandy, 71, was critically wounded. She is in the hospital with a collapsed lung.

Police were sent to a home in the 39000 block of Lea Court at about 12:30 Monday morning when he attacked his grandmother as she slept in her bed.

"They were just the perfect grandparents," said Victoria Malugin, a neighbor. "These were the golden years, he retired as a postal worker and he took care of his grandson."

By all accounts the Pastuszaks are devoted grandparents, taking in Kragness a couple of weeks ago - he had been living in North Carolina but moved to Michigan looking for work.
But police say sometime around 12:30 Monday morning he attacked his grandmother as she slept in her bed.

"He initially tried to choke her out, from the information we have," said Lt. David Smith, Sterling Heights police. "When the grandfather intervened, the fight proceeded into the kitchen and then a kitchen knife got involved at that point."

Marcus allegedly grabbed a knife and started stabbing his grandfather. His uncle tried to stop that attack but both men were killed. The grandmother managed to call 911.

"The grandmother called and said her grandson was out of control, and that he was assaulting people in the residence," Smith said.

Kragness was still at home when police arrived.

"He answered the door and let officers in," Smith said. "He was cooperative with them and didn't give much explanation."

Police say he will be arraigned Tuesday - but they still don't have a motive. Kragness has no criminal history and in a Facebook photo with his grandmother from two years ago he wrote "My grandma is the chillest ever."

"Anybody who is capable of this, you think there might be some mental issues," Smith said.