Groomer linked to dog deaths trying to set up shop again

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A family dog was killed during a routine visit to a local groomer leading to that business being shut down.

Now FOX 2 has learned the owner is trying to set up shop somewhere else.

A groomer of three years wants her identity to remain unknown after quitting her job at Sandy's Grooming Solutions in Utica. She says she quit because of the woman who could become the new owner.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs says Cindy Vennettilli applied for a business license at her former employer's address. Workers at Shaggy Dog Grooming and Supplies in Shelby Township say Vennettilli left after a healthy family pet named Max was doused in chemicals and killed last month.

Another dog was killed, and another dog ran away from the same groomer in 2007.

"I would never ever trust any of my dogs to be in her care," said the groomer about Vennettilli. "I just wish that people would get this word out because I would never want this tragic event to happen again."

Workers at Shaggy Dog say they no longer offer grooming services and say Vennttilli left after Max was killed. According to the Michigan Department of licensing and regulatory affairs, Vennettilli has applied for a business license at the shop in Utica and the request is pending.

"She is keeping the same name, Sandy's Grooming Solutions, and I feel like she just came in there and wanted to open up shop very quickly so no one would find out," the groomer said.

FOX 2 tried to catch Vennettilli there, but got no answer. We also tried again to reach her on the phone and have received no comment.

"It is a stressful job, however, if you're at that point, you have no business handling someone else's pet," said the groomer.

This groomer says, poor business practice and animal cruelty is all too common in the field because Michigan does not require grooming licenses and urges everyone to keep their own groomers transparent and accountable.

"I strongly urge any pet owner to go and find out more about their grooming salon," the groomer said. "(Find out) who is working there and how long they've been working there."