Grosse Ile police investigate teacher for allegedly exposing self in car at park

The Grosse Ile Police Department is investigating a school district employee for allegedly exposing himself in his car.

It is said to have happened near the Grosse Ile Youth Recreation Association sports fields at Commerce Park last Wednesday.  FOX 2 has learned the suspect is a teacher in the school district. 

Police got word of it two days later. The fields are not school property and police say the alleged incident did not involve any children, but youth soccer and football teams practice here.

"It's bad," said resident Ben Sejdini. "Very surprising - especially for Grosse Ile.

FOX 2 talked with Grosse Ile residents on-camera and school district parents off camera all of them taken aback by the allegations.

"I never heard (of) something bad like this in Grosse Ile," he said. "Very safe city, very quiet, no problems." 

It's unclear where exactly the Grosse Ile school district employee works, but the police department says the district was notified of the allegations immediately and took administrative action. 

FOX 2 reached out to the Grosse Ile school district for comment and got no response.  Police say the case remains under investigation.

FOX 2 spoke with a few parents who say they were informed today, but others had yet to received word from the district about the allegations.