Gunned down father of 4 tried getting help from neighbors

A father of four was gunned down in a driveway on Detroit's west side Thursday morning.

The victim, Shaneal Yarbrough  tried to get help from neighbors before he died.

Yarbrough, 22, tried knocking on a neighbor's door but by the time they answered, it was too late. He had already been shot multiple times.

"A senseless murder," said Pamela Marshall. "He was 100 feet from his home. He was 100 feet from his home."

Yarbrough was only a few doors down from his house taking his daily motor scooter ride when he was ambushed by people police believe, he knew.

A witness who gave his name as Delvon, said he found victim.

"When he was knocking on the door, I opened the door and he was in this driveway dead."

Yarbrough's neighbor Delvon says he didn't know him well.

"(If) somebody goes and chases you with a gun, you try to get to the nearest door or nearest store or nearest house you can get to," said Delvon.

Neighbors who tried to help say, Yarborough had a faint pulse at the scene, but he later died after EMTs arrived.

Now his family is restless knowing whoever did this, probably lives close by.

26:25 "this neighborhood, we've been over here 42 years. I know for a fact somebody over here knows who killed him."

Police are still looking for at least one suspect.

The victim's grandmother described Shaneal Yarbrough  as a great father.

"He took care of his kids," said Nina Yarbrough. "He loved his four kids."