Halloween costumes needed for children of Freedom House

Freedom House in Detroit works to help people build a safe and better life and they're asking for a little help this Halloween to make the spooky holiday a little more fun.

Freedom House is a home far away from home for victims of torture and abuse who are seeking asylum in the United States. The facility is at capacity with 56 people, including 16 children.

Deb Brennan is the executive director and says love is central to their efforts.

"The first thing they learn to say in English is I love you, I love you, I love you," Brennan said. "They've come through boats, they've come through water, they've gone through deserts, they've lost everything but yet they can walk in and just recognize that it's safe and - I love you."

The staff at Freedom House is doing everything possible to show them love and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. They offer legal services, healthcare, and education all virtually because their loyal volunteers can't be on campus.

"We mask up, we do all the sanitation protocols the health department recommends, we do screening and testing. We really want to make sure that we're safe and our clients are safe as well," Brenna said.

On top of keeping everyone healthy, they want everyone to be happy as well, including the 16 kids. With Halloween upon us, the organization doesn't have costumes and they can't just borrow them because of the virus. Which is where you come in.

"We do have kids that want to be Spiderman, Superman, the usual. Some princesses, firefighters," Brennan said.

From toddlers to teens, the costume requests range from Power Rangers to princesses and beyond.

"It's a whole afternoon of just being a kid and I think that's pretty remarkable," Brennan said.

She notes that this is just the beginning of a holiday season unlike any other. With the children so far from home, many are already asking about Santa.

"Every year the children ask me - how will he find us? - so we're always looking for opportunities for that as well," she said.

Financial donations and gift cards are always welcome. To contribute go to freedomhousedetroit.org.

If you can purchase a new costume for the kids at Freedom House, they would love to hear from you. The party is Friday afternoon, so time is of the essence. If you can donate, give them a call at 313-964-4320