Halloweiss: Sip spooky cocktails during immersive Halloween experience at Clawson distillery

(Photo: Weiss Distilling Co.)

Step inside Halloweiss, the spooky side of Clawson's Weiss Distilling Co.

The distillery on 14 Mile has been transformed into a creepy, immersive experience for the month of October.

Inside the distillery, you'll find creepy decor and themed horror cocktails with a tiki twist. Halloweiss' menu includes more than 20 drinks, themed shots, and alcohol-free cocktails. Also, a new limited edition Apple Brandy is coming.

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The drinks come in themed tiki mugs, such as pumpkins, skulls, and vampires, that you can keep for $20. 

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Halloweiss starts Saturday and runs through Halloween. Bar seating is first come, first served, while reservations can be made for tables here.

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Weiss Distilling Co. is at 34 E. 12 Mile Rd.