Hazel Park kid battling cancer gets special surprise from dad on Father's day

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Torrin Breneman donated his hair to help kids with cancer soon after he was diagnosed with Hoskins Lymphoma.

It went into remission but now the cancer has come back, being able to be home from the hospital for one day and get a puppy has meant the world.

It’s Father’s Day, but Jason Brenneman’s only thought is for the son whose battling so hard against a rare form of Cancer to get well.

“Treatment’s been rough on him, and he felt like he didn’t have no one on his side and he wanted a puppy, he’s been asking us for a while and Happy Father’s day to me he got to come home,” Jason Breneman said.

The puppy 13-year old Torrin got Sunday, helping to lift his spirits after his dog Oreo passed away. 

“I was shocked that’s it,” Trorrin said.

She’s named Alexa after a wrestler, very fitting because Torrin loves wrestling, and with help from Make A Wish he’s had the opportunity to meet huge names in the game. Wrestlers like Jeff Hardy, Roman Reins, Stephanie McMan, and John Cena. 

A Youtube channel he uploads videos to, showing us all the time how strong Torrin is, he Torrin strong. 


He even got the 'Hero In All Of Us' award given to him by WWE. 

In terms of Torrin’s prognosis, he is possibly going to have to leave the state for some treatment.

You can help support Torrin by donating to his GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/support-torrin.