Head-on crash by suspected drunk driver leaves teen critically injured

A head-on crash has left one teen seriously injured and his best friend fighting to survive after a suspected drunk driver crashed into them.

Andrew Porter spoke about the moments after the crash, when he realized his passenger, Nathan Nowak, was severely injured.

"He was bloodied, and the only thing I could hear from him was his breathing - if you could call it that," said Andrew Porter.

Last Friday at 9 p.m. Andrew and Nathan were leaving a business in Southgate near Trenton Road and Eureka, when another driver slammed into the vehicle Andrew was driving.

"It literally felt like a blink when it happened," Porter said.

Nowak's injuries are severe.

"He sustained life-altering injuries. He’s not fully awake yet," said Theresa Sevrance, Nathan's aunt. "They’re trying to manage his pain."

The crash is still under investigation, but police say Anthony Griglio was arrested and charged with two counts of operating while intoxicated and causing injury.

He was also charged with an open alcohol container in vehicle 90-day misdemeanor. His next court date is set for March 1st.

Suspect Anthony Griglio

Suspect Anthony Griglio

Nathan's aunt says her nephew is a high school senior who plays basketball and had plenty of opportunities ahead of him - but now he’s fighting for his life.

"His back is broken and he has a traumatic brain injury," Sevrance said.

Andrew is also working to overcome multiple injuries but vows to be there for his best friend.

"I love him so dearly," he said. "I’ll be with him every moment of every single day if he needs it," he said.

But what Nathan’s family is confident that he will need is financial support.  A GoFundMe account was created to help pay for expenses related to Nathan’s care.

"All funds raised go to Nathan‘s future care when he’s released from ICU, he’s got to go straight to a rehabilitation home and he will need future surgeries on his back," Sevrance said.

For details on how you can support him, go to the GoFundMe LINK HERE.

Porter says if there’s one thing he hopes people get from the story he says anytime you get into a vehicle, put on your seatbelt.

"It is the only reason me and Nathan are still alive," he said.