Henry Ford doctor beats COVID-19 after getting plasma from recovered patient

A Henry Ford doctor who contracted COVID-19 saw his health go down rapidly. 

"I was unconscious, paralyzed, on a ventilator for three days," said Dr. Scott Kaatz.

Just before going on the ventilator, he talked to his wife via FaceTime.

"We really just had a potential goodbye call is what we were doing," he said.

Now Dr. Scott Kaatz feels like himself again recovering at home. recalling the ordeal, he went over the past month. 

Doctors treated Kaatz at Henry Ford tried every treatment at their disposal - including hydroxychloroquin,  remdesivir, and finally the plasma from a person who recovered from COVID-19 and had antibodies.

"As a point of last resort, why not essentially if we have the ability to treat the convalescent with convalescent plasma," said Dr. Steve Kalkanis.

Dr. Kaatz was one of 14 patients to receive the convalescent plasma.  It is an experimental program to test the effectiveness of plasma with antibodies. The study is still in the early stages.

"In the first week we've had dramatic results and a dramatic response and we hope to analyze the results quickly and update the community and the world as to what the results are," said Dr. Kalkanis.

What doctors find most optimistic thus far, is the sheer effectiveness. All 14 patients in the study - who are all in various stages of recovery. 

"All of them have had no complications and all are doing well," Kalkanis said. "While we can't say this convalescent plasma is not a cure, there is lots of evidence that we are moving in the right direction."

As for Dr. Kaatz, the good news keeps coming. His father who was in a similar situation on a ventilator is now on the road to recovery as well. 

"He just came off about 15 minutes ago," Kaatz said. "This is a good afternoon."