'He's just lucky I wasn't pruning.' -- Woman fights off flasher

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A Decatur woman let a flasher have it and said he is lucky she was watering plants and not pruning. It's a comment that has gotten her a lot of attention.

Nancy Eilen was standing outside her fence watering the tree, when the man pulled up and asked her for directions.

“He kept engaging me in conversation, asking me questions about directions. I wasn't moving, just kept watering, kind of looking over my shoulder at him. And he finally leaned his seat back and so I could see what he was doing in his lap,” said Elien. “I'm thinking ‘I'm just going to hose this guy.”

That’s exactly what she did, spraying the water into his car until he sped away.

“It was reaction. I wanted to fight back,” said Eilen.

She also wanted to get the word out in the neighborhood about this guy. She was interviewed by a local news outlet, Decaturish.com, where she gave her now famous quote: “He's just lucky I wasn't pruning.”

“How dare he? He's lucky he just got wet. Obviously, it wasn't that confrontational that I was close enough I could hurt him with pruners. I was just thinking I would use anything I had at hand to fight back. There was something in me. I wanted him to know that this isn't OK and not give him the power,” said Eilen.

It was her pruning joke that got a lot of people talking about this story.

“I love it. I'm enjoying it. I really did warn neighbors, if it gets a lot of attention and word gets out there more because of some sarcastic comments, all the better,” said Eilen.

She said this has been the second flasher in the neighborhood in two weeks. She doesn't believe it was the same men.