Trucking industry faces driver shortage fueled by high gas prices

As gas prices continue to rise around the country, some truck drivers are putting it in park.

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"It’s very bad. Someone has to do something about it, to be honest with you. I put diesel in every day. I used to put diesel for $280-300, now I'm up like $150-160 more," one driver said.

Transportation consultant Mickey Blashfield said there is a nationwide shortage of about 100,000 truck drivers.

"It’s unfortunately the perfect storm, and drivers don’t like to drive in the storm," Blashfield said.

Trucker David Rofa said he has friends who no longer driver because of the prices.

"I have friends, their trucks are sitting in the yard. They can’t go out because the prices are too high, and the loads are still paying the same," he said.

One reason prices continue to rise is supply. When you factor in fewer drivers available to deliver the fuel, then the problem becomes even worse.