Drivers paying $5.13 a gallon in Metro Detroit as gas prices surge across Michigan

Michigan saw another surge in gas prices from last week after costs rose another 44 cents, reaching more than $5 a gallon. 

It's another record high for the state, which has continued breaking its own high gas mark this year. The average cost in the state sits at $5.04 a gallon - 74 cents higher than last month and two dollars higher than last year.

That means motorists are paying $75 for a full 15-gallon tank of gas.  

Gasoline demand from Memorial Day Weekend pushed prices up last week. Supply and demand dynamics have continued roiling markets since while the volatility in the market looks unlikely to scale back anytime soon.

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Supply worries over Europe's measured exit from policy importing oil from Russia is driving up the crude prices. 

China has also lifted its COVID-19 restrictions in one of its biggest cities: Shanghai. That has pushed gasoline demand up higher. 

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The most expensive gas in Michigan can be found in Metro Detroit, according to AAA, at $5.12 a gallon. Ann Arbor is behind at $5.07, and then Flint at $5.01. The cheapest gas was in Marquette.