High schools across Michigan take different approach as in-person learning can resume

Students and staff at some Michigan high schools were able to return to the classroom Monday as COVID-19 restrictions from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services were lifted. 

Not every community is racing to bring students back to class, though, including the state's largest school district - the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

"Although the state’s and city’s positive rates have declined since November, they are still too high to resume in-person learning. We are hoping rates decline below 5% shortly and maintain below that threshold so learning centers can reopen by mid- to late-January," the DPSCD said in a statement. 

Meanwhile, other districts are taking a hybrid approach. 

"Here at Novi we have a hybrid format where students come on either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday," said Dr. Steve M. Matthews, the superintendent of Novi Community School District. Wednesday all students learn virtually so a deep cleaning can take place.

"Over the two-week break we had custodians make sure the buildings were clean," Dr. Matthews said. "We’re just happy to be in school."

"Learning in person is definitely better I think," said Sam Lewinski, a senior at Novi High School. "I feel more comfortable asking questions and having textbooks in front of you."

"Students were happy to be back. I saw them in the lunchroom today, I saw them walking the halls. They greeted me, happy to be back in school," Dr. Matthews said.