"Hold the ones you love close," Mother of murdered South Lyon teen heartbroken

"Hold the ones you love close because you never know when they’re gonna be gone." 

The mother of a murdered teen doesn’t understand how someone could take her child away from her the way Dylan Stamper was taken Wednesday night.

"He was always with me," said Corinne Stamper. "He was a mamas boy." 

The mother of the 17-year-old of South Lyon - along with the rest of his family and friends - shocked to hear he’d been shot and killed. His 43-year-old father Kevin Stamper was also injured and is now in the hospital.

"This kind of thing doesn’t really happen a whole lot. This is a super super rare case," said Steven, a resident of South Lyon.

South Lyon police say they haven’t seen an atrocious act like this in nearly 30 years. 

Police say Wednesday night someone that the father and son likely knew had been inside their home on Liberty street near Reynold Street Parkway when shots rang out.

Cops arrived to find Dylan shot in the back and his father shot in the chest and leg. Emergency crews worked to save Dylan but were unsuccessful.

"It’s really shocking - really sad," said Alex Hathaway, who lives nearby. "Around here everyone seems to be so nice and involved in the community so it’s just tough to hear about something like that." 

South Lyon police say drugs were found in the living room and neighbors reported seeing a man taking off from the home. That person who they say doesn’t live in South Lyon but frequents the area is now, thought to be a suspect or at the very least a witness.

Police say right now they’re working with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office to try and find surveillance video in the area and locate that possible suspect or witness.

Dylan's family says they’re simply trying to stay strong. The teen had been getting ready to graduate with a 3.8 GPA. He was known as kind, generous, and one to avoid confrontation.

"He was a loving kid. Everyone in town knew him. He went to school here," said his mother.

The family has set up a gofundme as their father fights for his life while hooked up to a ventilator.