How to make a scarf from leftover craft fabric

This week, our Jill of All Trades, Jill Washburn, shows us how she took the leftover fabric from her craft projects and turned it into a unique scarf that can be worn multiple ways. 

Jill had sewn new covers for some pillows for her family room and made some festive re-usable gift pouches out of a gorgeous red plaid suiting fabric that was super soft. What was left was a kind of funky L-shaped piece of fabric. Then inspiration struck! Jill decided that what was left would make an amazing scarf. 

She laid the fabric out in a table and measured the "legs" of the "L". One was longer than the other. One was wider than the other. Jill trimmed them so that they were equal in length and equal in width. Jill’s scarf measured 51" in length and 12" in width for each leg. 

With that done, Jill decided to fringe the ends of the scarf. She gently unraveled the threads at the ends of each leg until she had about an inch of fringe on each end. Once she had that done, Jill used the sewing machine to run a line of stitching around the edges of the entire scarf to keep the edges from unraveling any further. 

Jill says that you can do basic straight stitching or you can do a row of zigzag stitching around the edges. She has done both and she says either one will work. 

That’s all it took! The scarf is done, but... how do you wear an L-shaped scarf?  

Jill shows us three ways. 

1) The Bib Way
Throw one of the "legs" or tails of the scarf over each shoulder from front to back, leaving the corner in front, almost like a bib. Then, says Jill, take each tail around the back of your neck and in front of the opposite shoulder and let them hang down. Done!

2) The European Way
Fold the scarf in half at the corner. Hold the corner in one hand and both tails in the other. Put the scarf behind your neck so that both tails are in front of one shoulder and the folded corner is in front of the other shoulder. Then pull the tails through the fold and just let them hang down. This is the warmest way to wear a scarf, says Jill. 

3) The Cape Way
Pull the scarf on so that the corner is hanging down the back, like a cape, and there is one tail in front of each shoulder. Then bring each tail around the front and throw it over the opposite shoulder. You can then arrange what is in front of the neck into a cowl, says Jill. 

One simple scarf, three fashionable ways to wear it!


To watch Jill take you through the process, just click on the video player above.