How to prevent stress from spreading

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We use antibacterial wipes to stop germs from spreading, but how do we prevent stress for spreading? It's contagious so we've got some solutions. 

Certain things are contagious like the flu, yawning, giggling, smiling and now we know that stress is also contagious. 

You can't wash your hands to prevent the spread of stress, so what can you do? Some college students use therapy dogs for real stress relief with them.

Just seeing someone feeling stress causes our own bodies to react as though we're going through it firsthand. In one study, watching a stressed out person through a mirror causes cortisol levels to jump 26 percent, that’s a stress hormone.

Here's the bad part about stress, chronic stress has been linked to all kinds of health issues from heart disease to cancer, diabetes and dementia. 
We pick up stress and negativity just like secondhand smoke, and while it's more contagious from a romantic partner, we can still get it from strangers. 

So here's some help in stopping the spread of stress, use positive verbals and non verbals. That means start a conversation with, "it's great to talk to you" or, simply smile in the face of stress. 

Block it by using headphones or family photos to help distract from negative coworkers. 

Or exercise for 30 minutes a day, which can be a powerful and natural mood booster.

Practice gratitude -  write down three things you are grateful for, to change your perspective.
Here's the bottom line, just like when you are washing your hands to protect yourself from the flu- when you wake up, or go to work, or get into your car, be mindful of ways to protect yourself and your mind from stress.